25 april 2014

VIDEO: Niki Terpstra’s first official Car Race!!!

Niki Terpstra, the winner of Paris Roubaix, Dwars door Vlaanderen, the Tour of Catar and what not, felt like a little boy again.

He was a debutant in the BMW M3 leage at the track in Zandvoort and there I was, of course, with a whole bunch of cameras. Niki has worked hard last year to get his car racing license and last Tuesday was his debut at the race track. I have never seen him so tense but that was no surprise to me. He compared the race with a prologue. “Everything has to be perfect otherwise you’re out”, and yes, that’s how car racing works. Niki had his act together. Of course supported by his fanatical father (Douwe Terpstra) – who in everyday life runs an automotive business called ‘ versnellingsbakspecialist.nl ‘ + a mechanic from the same company. How Niki performed? Of course, ridiculously good so get a quick look at the video, I-as an experiment-have subtitled in English. Is time to think bigger and to conquer the world :-) .
Niki Terpstras first official Car Race0